1Scoop to Go

Cold Hands

The shop is usually slow at this time. It’s already 4pm and Gigi had Ian, the youngest of her four in tow. The day seems to have whizzed by as she rushed around doing her motherly and wifely duties which never seem to stop. “I need comfort food” she thought. “Come on Ian, Mommy’ll buy you an ice-cream at Anna’s”, she said, coaxing him to come away from the CD shop where he had been rooted in front of the 50” plasma screen, watching Bug’s Life for the 30th time. His cheeky face lit up “Really mom? Let’s go! Can I have chocolate, covered with m & m’s and flakes and double scoop?”
Gigi had to smile. No point telling him his teeth will fall out with all that sugar. For a five-year old this is a non-event.

Walking hand in hand towards Anna’s , she had a feeling of déjà vu, not with Ian but with her eldest, Tammy , now 18 years old.
“Mommy, is daddy coming to my birthday party next week? I’m going to be 5, whoopee!” “ Not sure sweetheart. He’s coming back from New York the same day,” Gigi replied absently. “Why is he going to New York again Mom?” Tammy responded.

How do I tell her that he’s not really going to New York but that’s what he told me. My private eye had found out differently. He’s actually gone to Phuket with the other woman. When does love die and hate grow? Do I really hate him? Or am I relieved that I now have a real reason to divorce him? Or have I been hoping that something like this would happen so that I can divorce him?
Divorce – that much dreaded word to so many. But for me an escape from a wrong choice. A choice made under dim lights and heady romantic novels that a 19 year- old had no defense against. Those rose-tinted glasses of hope and sweet music of flattery by a silver- tongued rogue, were too much to resist. Walking down the aisle was a foregone conclusion. The happy endings were the expected script.
Rude awakenings came soon after Paul was born, 5 years from Honeymoon.


One Response

  1. Hey Gwenda

    I really like this story and have been waiting for your next chapter for a long long time….

    So when is that coming?

    Maybe you should write a script too!!!!

    So many talents in you…so many distractions to take you away on yet another undiscovered talent!!! 🙂 🙂 hee heee

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