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OFF WITH HIS HEAD…and off it flew… from the noose!
January 17, 2007

I can’t think of a more macabre choice to make if I was one of the accused in the IRAQI docks ala Sadam & his 2 sidekicks……..death by hanging, decapitation, firing squad, injection, plain ole electric chair (did you watch the movie “The Green Mile”?), a bullet to my head or what???

BUT ( there’s always a but)….this depends on whether I agree that they deserved to die.

I’m not a war criminal sympathiser without a cause……BUT (there it goes again)… if I didn’t agree that Bush had the right to march into Iraq the way he did in his oxymoronic “pre-emptive strike” based on sightings of phantom WMDs, then I can’t agree that the 3 dead Iraqi former leaders deserved their ending. Oh, I’m not Muslim or Arab. In fact, I am an Asian Christian.

Why don’t they deserve to die? Well, US bombed them, invaded their country and then hauled them to court as war criminals’ equivalent( though never so named). The clear definition of war criminal is one who committed atrocities during a war.
No doubt if Saddam was legitimately deposed as dictator and brought to civil trial he would have met the same fate.
BUT……he wasn’t!! He was the guy who lost the invasion by another country and had to hide in a hole!!

I weep to read the simpleton response of Condi Rice when she was reported to “express disappointment ” with the shoddy way the executions were handled. How else did she think they will be handled in a country torn by sectarian warfare now, reluctant bedfellows with an internationally unpopular country (USA)? Being old enough to remember the Vietnam War, it brings back images of the Ngo Dinh Diem regime and their cruel abuse of their people…and they were backed by the US too.

Flashback to Pol Pot and Cambodia, same s–t, different shovel!

So what’s wrong with this picture?

Once again, the USA has misguided understanding of their role as the world’s policeman.

From the land where “spin” was invented, it’s ironic that Bush has done everything short of pulling down his “drawers” to expose himself as (unfortunately true), not of the highest intelligence.

When I read the body count of foreign soldiers in Iraq, it underpins the most caustic critics’ vitriol….132k american soldiers versus a puny 18K other nations! And this ‘roll-call” of “united combatants” is supposed to illustrate international agreement with US’s pre-emptive strike??.

So, now I wonder, if any other country’s dictator, albeit cruel and unjust, pops up.. will there be more beheadings around the world?
Omigosh, there will be more heads flying around than the annual locust migrations in the US wheatlands.

Dear America, you are caught out by your wonderful democratic processes of Congress and senate and the White House and have, once more with feeling, landed in the bog (er, the cockney meaning please).

BUT (promise it’s the last time)….maybe this doesn’t bother you much, since the wars are always fought on others’ turf.

And as a Christian, Mr. Bush, did you hear God’s voice, your voice, your cronies’ voice or Satan’s voice when you made that war decree? (this is a serious question)

yes, God is weeping too!!
That none should perish!!